Check out Dustin Johnson right after impact! Do you see his hips and his flexed trail arm?

Dustin Johnson Just After Impact
Dustin Johnson tees off

His hips are open to his target and his trail arm (right arm) is still flexed.

Most amateur golfers extend their trail arms at impact causing a massive loss in power and speed. There is a sequence in the golf swing that anyone can learn, find this sequence and unleash FREE SPEED in your golf swing just like Dustin Johnson.

Many junior players who take golf lessons find this sequence early in their golf training because they have no predetermined ideas on what the golf swing is supposed to feel like. They just learn, trust and swing with the proper sequence to create incredible distance like Dustin Johnson.

It all starts with a good set up, good grip, proper stance, posture and alignment. There are three critical moves in the back swing, the takeaway, the wrist hinge and the turn, if you miss any of these three positions in the back swing, unleashing FREE SPEED is difficult.

Once the top of the backswing is completed, the first move to start the downswing has to start with the lower body and legs as the arms and club shaft lower or flatten into the downswing.

Look at the picture of Dustin Johnson after impact, the trail foot heel is off the ground, the trail arm elbow is flexed with the upper trail arm close to the body and the hips, chest, and shoulders in an open position facing the target. When this position is achieved in the golf swing with a square club face, FREE SPEED is generated because of centrifugal force. Dustin Johnson does and incredible job of creating FREE SPEED.

Learning this sequence is absolutely necessary to generate FREE SPEED just like Dustin Johnson.

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