Learning System

Over the last 20+ years Coach Bento has developed a complete learning system for golfers.

This is learning system is based on years of experience providing instruction to all levels of players.

The program is divided into 5 levels:


New players who have never really hit a golf ball or played golf.


Players that have some course play or range background but have not played more than a few times.


Players that play golf regularly, have a set of clubs, make solid club face contact most of the time, know how far their shots go on the course and are proficient in putting, short game, irons, fairways and driver. (Mid to High Handicap Players)


Golfers who have played lots of golf and hold high skill levels in all aspects of the game. (Low to Mid Handicap Players)


Highly skilled competitive players that play in tournaments on the college amateur and professional levels. (No Handicap Players)

Every player enters our program based on these levels. No matter what you level your start, if you follow our program you will get better.

The first thing we do with all players is to evaluate their swing with all of their clubs.  We primarily focus on getting the club face square at impact and getting the swing on the right path for all of your clubs.  We use our video analysis equipment and launch monitors to show you what you need to do to get better. 

We provide simple drills and training to get you square at impact with a swing that is always on the right path


Once we get your swing dialed in, we start to focus on all aspects of your game.

Our training program is skills based, that means that we try to make players aware of their skills, that every shot counts, every practice shot, every course shot, nothing is lucky or left for granted.  I you want to get better we have a fool-proof way to help. 

We start by helping you understand where you are as a golfer based on your skill levels compared players in our system.

If you increase your skill levels to a LEVEL 5 player, you will be a LEVEL 5 player. Simple! 

We have three core skill tests that we use to evaluate our players, Putting, Short Game and Range.

Each test is based on a 100 point score.  LEVEL 5 players score in the low to mid 90’s on our skills test.

All players create a skills baseline from which we use to measure improvements.

It may sound complex, but it’s really not.

Once we have your skills organized, we create practice guides based on skill improvements.

Practice sessions are quick and organized.  30-40 minutes.  You just follow the skills test guide and that is your practice.

Our job is to help our students with getting better on each skill.  That is where the coaching and instruction come into play.

Work on your skills, learn from our instruction and you will get better.

Want to be a low handicap player?  We get people into the mid to low 70’s all the time by following our program!

It’s not rocket science, just good solid golf training.

“There are two simple fundamentals all golfers must learn to get better, first, how to swing your club on it’s proper path, second, how to square your golf clubface at impact,  it’s that simple” – Arlen Bento Jr.


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