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Coach Bento is originally from Hilo, Hawaii.  He is a graduate of the University of Hawaii where he was a varsity basketball player, student government senator and Presidents Athletic Council member. 

He was awarded the Western Athletic Coast Conference scholar-athlete award and he worked within the University of Hawaii Athletic Sports Marketing Department while he took graduate classes. 

During his college years, Arlen was a competitive amateur golfer, a solid low single-digit handicap and he played in many Hawaii amateur tournaments.  After completion of his graduate program, he turned professional and began working at the prestigious Oahu Country Club where he would later become a member. 

Coach Bento earned his PGA Class “A” Membership at Barbers Point Golf Club in Ewa Beach, Hawaii and moved all across the USA as a professional golf player.  In 1994 he settled in Port St. Lucie Florida and started his family.


 Did you know that there are two types of golf players?

Recreational players and golfers!

Recreational players play golf and think they know how to play.

Golfers play golf and they know how to play.

The difference? Knowledge!

If you are tired at struggling with your golf game, making poor contact, losing distance, tired of slicing, miss hits, fat shots, thin shots, losing golf balls, chili dips, shanks, 3 putts – WE CAN HELP!

You’re not hopeless – you just need some coaching!

Golf lessons for men, golf lessons for women, golf lessons for seniors & golf lessons for juniors.

Weather you just want to hit the ball to play in a social tournament or you want to win a club championship – WE CAN HELP!

Arlen Bento Jr. has been helping players get better at golf for 20+ years.  He has created a complete learning system that will change the way you play.  This system has helped develop many high caliber players including professional players, college all-americans, college national champions, high school state champions & more!

The beauty of this learning system is that it works for everyone and has helped hundreds of recreational players become golfers.  Real golfers that are good at golf, with real results and improvement.


“There are two simple fundamentals all golfers must learn to get better, first, how to swing your club on it’s proper path, second, how to square your golf clubface at impact,  it’s that simple” – Arlen Bento Jr.



We offer indoor technology golf lessons, outdoor golf lessons, course playing lessons, group golf lessons, golf schools & golf clinics.


We offer coaching programs with custom player development training, skill based learning, course play strategies & more.


We offer a comprehensive junior golf training program that includes competitive player development & college golf recruiting.

How the Program Works

All new players start with an indoor swing analysis & game evaluation.  Then we will develop a custom lesson & coaching program based on the goals of each player.  Our learning system is knowledge and skills based, as each player improves knowledge and skills, golf scores get better.  Follow the program, learn the skills, practice the skills and play better golf.  Put in the work and golf scores will get better.

set up first swing analysis & game evaluation

Set up your swing analysis & game evaluation in our indoor technology hitting studio to start your program


develop a custom lesson & coaching program

We will develop a custom lesson & coaching program to help improve your game based on your goals.



Learn about your game, practice your lessons, improve your golf skills and you will get better.

Customized golf lesson learning system with coaching programs for all player levels

We work with all playing levels from new players to professional players.  Our learning system works, with a proven track record for developing golfers. Learn, practice & play better.


Arlen Bento Jr. Golf Lessons Stuart Florida 1 Day Golf Schools

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We strive to meet the goals and expectations for all of our players.  If you put in the work, if you learn about your game, if you improve your skills you will get better!

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