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Coach Bento is pleased to offer his Online Academy to players that want to take their golf training to the next level.  The Online Academy offers all of Coach Bento’s training programs and a custom “private” website platform for every student. 

Players are introduced to core drills, connector drills, practice ladders, 100 point skill testing, miss-identifiers, course strategies and more! 

The cost to sign up in the Online Academy is $300 and includes (1) 30 min phone call & (5) private video analysis session swing uploads.

  Players load swing videos to their “private” websites and Coach Bento offers instruction and practice plans based on the swings.  The website offers the ability to build a custom player training program that can be followed over and over again for long term benefits.  Players work through the takeaway, wrist set, top of the swing, transitional move, lower body action, impact positions, arm release, the follow through and more.  Coach Bento offers training on the full swing, short game, putting and course management.  All of your information is available 24/7 on your website.

After the initial (5) video analysis session swing uploads, players can purchase additional sessions for $75 or sign up for monthly subscriptions.

Monthly subscriptions:

Option #1 $25 website fee & program maintenance (pay as you go for sessions)

Option #2 $150 (2) video analysis session swing uploads per month (includes website fee)

Option #3 $300 (4) video analysis session swing uploads per month (includes website fee) + (1) 30 min golf call with Coach Bento ($50 value) 


“There are two simple fundamentals all golfers must learn to get better, first, how to swing your club on it’s proper path, second, how to square your golf clubface at impact,  it’s that simple” – Arlen Bento Jr.


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