To fix your slice you need to really understand why you slice in the first place.

The reason? Your swing path is wrong and your club face is open!

The first thing you have to do is learn to get square to your target line.  Many golfers who come in for lessons to improve a slice have a major problem with alignment.  Many slicers learn to control a slice by aiming left (right handed players) so they can start the ball left and have it slice back into play.  As we all know, the slice is a weak shot, distance killer and no forward roll when the balls lands.

I want you to go to a practice range.  I want you to lay two clubs on the ground about 12-18 inches apart and make sure that the clubs are square to your target. I want you to take your stance with your driver, no ball and no tee. Yes, no tee. We are going to let the ground act like bumpers in bowling or training wheels on a bike.

Now I want you to make your swing, but I want to make sure that at the top of the back swing your back is almost facing the target.  I want you to create a full shoulder turn and get your back to the target. Don’t hurt yourself, turn with comfort, if you feel any pain, stop, you may need to see a trainer to help with your flexibility.

Moving on, at the top of your swing with a full turn I want you to stop for a full two seconds, after two seconds you can start your down swing slowly, really slow, slower then you can imagine, I want you to go in real super slow motion all the way until you get to where you would make contact with the ball, if there was a ball to hit.  Take a look at your club face and make sure that it is square to your target.  The two clubs on the ground will act like guides to help you understand if your path is square and to help you see if your club face is square.  In slow motion you should be able to swing your club head between the two clubs on the ground 12-18 inches apart.

I want you to do this 5 times, making sure your club face is square each time.

After 5 times, now we can swing.  No ball yet, just a swing.  As you take 5 swings make sure your back is to your target in the back swing and that your club face is square at where the ball would be at impact.  Trust the timing of the swing with the big turn, figure out how to swing between the clubs, thinking about keeping the face square.  Do this drill, 5 swings, at least 2-3 times, that is 5 practice swings each time.

Ready for a ball?

But a ball on the ground, no tee, set up to the ball with a nice wide stance, and make sure the ball position if off the inside of your left heel. (right handed golfer) Make sure to use your full turn swing, swing between the clubs and strike the ball.

What happened?

Watch the shot – if you were able to swing between the clubs then your path was pretty good, if the ball went straight your clubs face was square, if it went off to the right then you know that your face was open, if it went left it was closed.

If the ball did not go straight, stop, think, and take 5 swings with no ball and correct the open or closed club face.  You can do this by simply paying attention to using your wrists to close the club face or keep it open as it makes contact with the ball area.  If you are a slicer, you probably have to work at closing the face.

After 5 practice swings, try a ball again, paying more attention to closing your club face at impact if you are hitting right.  You need to sill make that big turn and swing between the two clubs.  Watch the shot again.  Hopefully you did a better job of squaring the club face at impact.

This is a great starting point for any player struggling with a slice.

Couple quick notes:  Hitting off the deck with the driver is not easy, when you figure out how to make decent contact with a square face I want you to try a low tee, only a half inch high, then as you get better try a higher tee, 1 inch high and keep progressing until you find the sweet spot on the driver face.  If you find yourself hitting behind the ball a lot then you have some issues with your lower body weight shift and the rotation of your hips. Not to worry, keep working on the full turn and swinging between the clubs and the lower body usually figures out the timing.

Please post any questions or notes below and I will do my best to respond – Arlen Bento Jr. Golf Lessons