Why Tiger Woods Missed the Cut at the PGA

What happened? Brooks Koepka Happened! Yes, that’s right, I am going to claim that playing with Brooks for two days is not what Tiger needed after taking off 4 weeks since his win at the Masters to rest his body. Brooks is long, like 29-year-old Tiger on...

Fix Your Slice by Arlen Bento Jr.

To fix your slice you need to really understand why you slice in the first place. The reason? Your swing path is wrong and your club face is open! The first thing you have to do is learn to get square to your target line.  Many golfers who come in for lessons to...

Welcome to Arlen Bento Jr. Golf Lessons

Welcome to our new updated Arlen Bento Jr. Golf Lesson website.  This website offers information on golf lessons, golf coaching, junior golf and more from Arlen Bento Jr. in Stuart, Florida.  Please follow this page.  We will be posting tips and great information on...
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